About Us (Homeownership Program)

About Us

Our Homeownership Program is a nationwide initiative to increase the homeownership rate to 75% for all Americans. Some communities are underrepresented among homeowners. Homeownership rates are 61% for female-led families 49% for Hispanic and LGBTQ and 44% for Black households. We help very-low, low and moderate-income families become homebuyers through outreach, education, and attorney assisted debt disputes where applicable. We equip the underrepresented in America to create financial strength, stability and security through homeownership.

The Homeownership Program helps aspiring homebuyers qualify for government-backed mortgage and connects families interested in purchasing or keeping their homes to attorneys, loan officers or real estate agents who can help them.

Our Allies

Meet our Co-Founders

Hi, we’re Chet and Jorge. If you’re like most people, then you need some debt advice. We both needed debt advice at one point too, so we know the feeling and we’re here to help.

Jorge Newberry

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

I've been in your shoes, and I created this revolutionary system to help people like us get out of debt. I know it can work because I used it to clear $26 million in debt myself. And, I've seen it work for many others since.

I've worked hard all my life, starting with a paper route at the age of seven and eventually building a real estate empire of more than 4,000 apartments. Until one freak winter storm destroyed my business, and I was millions in debt overnight.

How I Cleared My Debt​

I had no way to pay those debts and no idea what to do next. Creditors and debt collectors harassed and threatened me constantly. The stress nearly ruined my health. Then, I made a discovery that gave me a glimmer of hope; I noticed that one of my creditors had made a sloppy mistake.

With the help of trained attorneys, the court ruled that my debt of over $6 million was “inadvertently extinguished.” In other words, the creditor had accidentally wiped out its own right to pursue payment from me. That victory was the first step in a process that eventually resolved all of my debts for just a fraction of what I owed or, in some instances, nothing at all.

I Wanted to Share What I Learned

Getting free from this overwhelming debt was such a transformational experience that I knew I had to share what I had learned with the millions of other Americans who are buried in unaffordable debt.

In 2008, I started American Homeowner Preservation to help struggling families avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes.

In 2016, I published my book, Debt Cleanse: How to Settle Your Debts for Pennies on the Dollar (And Not Pay Some At All), which contains the original DNA of the services that a DebtCleanse membership offers you today.

Chet Seely

Co-Founder & President

I’m known as The Personal Finance Pro. I’ve led the growth of two, 10-figure companies, an industry-leading financial services firm, and founded a company that was acquired in a $181M cash deal. I help entrepreneurs fearlessly approach, instantly connect with, and effortlessly transform cold market contacts into red-hot, ready to join prospects for their business without coming across as salesey and dealing with unnecessary rejection.

But I wasn't always the bold money nerd I am today...

A Childhood in Debt

I spent my childhood watching my parents nickel and dime every cent they could. Bills still piled up and collectors called non-stop — like millions, it felt like our family was out of options.

You're Not Out of Options Yet

Like many people who didn’t grow up with much money, I had big financial dreams. In my early 20’s, I met a mentor who helped me channel my goals.

From my mentor, I learned that for some of us, feelings of financial rejection can’t be avoided altogether. But we can work on ways to manage it better. I learned to face that rejection with confidence and conviction

Think you’re out of options?

We’ve been there.

Jorge and I have experienced large amounts of debt firsthand and know the day-to-day stress and anxiety it can cause.

The truth is, stability through life’s journey should be a right, not a luxury. It’s up to us to break the cycle.

Our Mission

To raise the rate of homeownership to 75% for all.

Homebuyers and Homeowners

Is there a cost to participate in one of your programs?

Yes, get a Membership for $89.95/mo. A one-time startup fee of $59.95 applies.

Do I have to work with all your partners?

No, you don't have to work with all our partners. You can use whichever services you need or want.

Loan Officer and Real Estate Agents

Is there a cost to partner with you?

Yes, an optional Membership is available for $89.95/mo. For loan officers or loan officers in training, a one-time startup fee of $159.95, plus background check and NMLS fees apply.

Can I refer my own clients to your programs?

Yes, you are welcome and encouraged to refer our services to your clients.

Do I have to hang my license with you?

Real Estate Agents can remain with their current brokerage, while Loan Officers are required to have an NMLS number and affiliation with our fellowship financial institution.

Ready to Get Your Future Started?

Signing up for the Homeownership Program membership is the first step towards empowering yourself to revamp your finances, secure your home or reimagine what your life can look like as a homeowner.