Refund / Cancellation Policy and Process

First 30 Days of Purchase
Debt Cleanse offers a 100% money back guarantee for all services / subscription charges if cancelled within the first 30 days of the purchase. This policy includes Enrollment Kits

30 Days After Purchase
Debt Cleanse does not offer a 100% money back guarantee after the first 30 days of services / subscription.

30 Days after purchase; when cancelling a monthly subscription, all future charges associated with future months of your subscription will be cancelled. You may notify us of your intent to cancel at any time; your cancellation will become effective at the end of your current monthly billing period. You will not receive a refund; however your subscription access and/or delivery and accompanying subscriber benefits will continue for the remainder of the current monthly billing period.


All Returns

All returns, whether by a Member or Advocate, must be made as follows:

I. Obtain Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from Debt Cleanse Member Success via email or phone.

II. Ship items to the address provided on RMA form.

III. Provide a copy of the invoice with the returned products. Such invoice must reference the RMA and include the reason for the return.

IV. Ship back product in manufacturer’s box exactly as it was delivered.


All returns must be shipped to Debt Cleanse pre-paid, as Debt Cleanse does not accept collect on delivery (C.O.D.). Any loss or damage occurring during the shipping of the returned product shall be borne solely by the Member or Advocate returning the product. If returned product is not received at Debt Cleanses distribution center, it is the responsibility of the member or Advocate returning the product to trace the shipment and no credit will be applied.

*Unopened products must be in resalable condition (i.e., unused, unopened, not expired).